Shawna Pelton, Holistic Practitioner and good friend, has changed my life in more ways than I can count.  And since beginning my healing journey 9 months ago, the positive changes keep coming!
Physically, I feel and look better than I have in years.  Mentally and Spiritually, my head and heart are lined up with each other.  But the most precious gift I have received is….HAPPINESS!!  I am truly happy right where I’m at; in my body, mind, and soul and in life.
Shawna gently and gradually facilitated this process using herbs, nutrition, detox, energy work, & Heart Forgiveness.
  • I am more alert with better memory
  • I am physically stronger & more energetic
  • Menopausal symptoms have been cut in half – yes half as many night’s sweats and hot flashes ladies
  • My lymphedema (a condition that came on after having been treated for cervical cancer complications in 2003) has been under control for months now, with an all time low level in my body (under 18%).  This hasn’t been manageable in 7 years
  • The big finish I have lost 30 lbs… (I knew that would get your attention)
I  have now opened my eyes to the mind-body connection, and that one small change (physically or mentally) can have an enormous impact on overall well-being.
I had no idea what I was missing out on in life, what my body was capable of and how being aligned (physically, mentally and spiritually) can help you soar!
I feel truly blessed to have this kind and compassionate healer in my life, and hope you see the significance of Shawna’s work for yourself.

“I have tried many things to feel happy including therapy and trying to eliminate negativity from my life. While they helped a little, I still felt that there was something weighing me down. I heard about Heart Forgiveness and decided to try it. Five minutes into the first class, it all made sense. Shawna explained everything so clearly and with such passion, I realized this was what I needed. It was an emotional roller coaster over the four weeks, but I began to sleep better than I had in years and feel like the weight was lifted off me. I practice the techniques regularly and now feel that I am more in control of how people and life affect me daily. I realized I am in control and can be “unoffendable” as long as I use what Shawna taught me. I believe Heart Forgiveness is something everyone should participate in.” Nicole O.

“I’m a recording artist, now living in the United States after growing up in Paris. I met Shawna through a friend in the spring of 2010 while living in Boston. After spending some time together, she offered to have me come to her Heart Forgiveness class. I was impressed with both Shawna and the program.  From the very first lesson I’ve felt my life as much lighter and practicing Heart Forgiveness has really helped with removing my emotional baggage from past years.

Through Heart Forgiveness I’ve also begun to discover my psychic abilities and am more open to following my intuition.  It’s helped me get in touch with the oneness and my own spirituality.

Being part of the process was a comfortable experience with Shawna because she is a wise and non-judgemental woman and good listener. It seems as though she is taking in people’s experiences, learning from them and helping us use discernment to understand our highest truths.I highly recommend Shawna Pelton and the Heart Forgiveness program.” –  StellA

The information I took away from this workshop has literally changed me and my thinking in everyday situations.   It is amazing how quickly it works as well!  I have a newfound Peace in my heart that won’t ever go away.  I have healed many past hurts that were crippling my growth and movement in several areas of my life, and I have made peace and forgiven myself as well.   Learning to become “unoffendable” is a priceless gift all should have.

Shawna has certainly found her Dharma and is a natural healer.  Her sensitivity, knowledge and fabulous sense of humor makes the Heart Forgiveness process amazing, personalized and useful.  From the first night you can take away major life changes and peace.  I cannot recommend this program enough for ALL.  Everyone needs this knowledge!  Everyone in my life noticed the change in me immediately, and I have manifested wonderful things in my life since taking the course.  You will NOT regret it if you choose this path to healing. -Erika S

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