Letting Go of Pain

Forgiveness is said to be the greatest healer of all.  Especially when it’s difficult.  In the face of our greatest challenges, we have an opportunity to “become” who we really are in relation to it. We can choose any emotion, react to the situation however we see fit. But what if that reaction is harming us? Who wins? The offender does, that’s who. And that’s exactly what happens when we travel down the path of anger, resentment, separation. We end up hurting ourselves in the long run. The Heart Forgiveness process shows us how and why to take a more “response-able” approach to resolve issues rather than react to them.


Forgiveness is letting go of emotional hurt, it does not mean agreeing with the offense. It certainly doesn’t require you have any type of relationship with the offender, and is the most loving act you can do for yourself and others.

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