The Bastard Child of Ego and Logic

I find it comical that as people develop in consciousness, the Ego seems to grow in strength along side. Think about it, the first rung on the evolutionary ladder is when we believe information leads to transformation. And at some level it does, but it’s the mind who is more in love with measurable, objective data than the Soul. So really the Ego is leading the parade for “consciousness exploration”. More knowledge = more power. (grunt, grunt grunt)

The Soul perceives life experiences as just simply life experiencing itself. It doesn’t rush it, nor will it say “this isn’t working” if not quantifiable. Nor will it lose its cool if the pace seems slow or off track. I bet Logic is having an affair with the Ego…how else can you explain it’s lust for “proof” and tangible systems. Actually, now that I think of it, I’m starting to think Logic and Ego had a bastard child named Judgment.

It’s my understanding that the Soul, in its infinite wisdom, already knows all the possible end game scenarios, and is just patiently awaiting as Ego figures out he’s not controlling the Universe as originally perceived. But can sit back and enJoy the process with less stress if he releases into the flow a little more. Not controlling the game… but the player.  Can you see it? Like old lovers reuniting, Soul and Ego come to know one another as friends. This time, working on the same team. In-Power.

What happened to that bastard, you wonder? He, too, evolved. Ya see, that’s what happens organically. You evolve others as you evolve yourSelf. He took on a new identity called understanding…and as for logic, well it acted as only it can. Seeing the reasonable thing to do was LET GO & move on. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End (Energy. Never. Dies.)

The original title for this piece was “Evolving Consciousness”. My ego likes the heading I went with better. LOL. Kindly entertain my friend, the ego, if you agree and let us know what you think by responding to this post.

Tending the Garden

I used to live in Florida, where it was sunny and beautiful everyday. This lead to the inspiration of an herb & flower garden (and an attempt to grow vegetables) Part of tending to this garden involved lots of weeding, beyond what this city girl could handle.   One thing about these loco weeds was that their root system ran DEEP, probably about a foot or more into the dirt. And they spread themselves 5 plus feet when left unattended. No kidding! You are certainly not thinking that  I, Miss natural health USA, would have put weed killer on her garden?

This task went beyond ridiculously unpleasant. Imagine how difficult and time consuming it was to pull those heavy roots out, which essentially would have eliminated the problem. I never did figure out a natural solution.

Then one day it dawned on me, this was a lot like tending to our own inner gardens.  We have deeply seated energy blocks (aka: weeds) that lead to our dis-eases of the mind,body,spirit. With social conditioning and outdated personal belief systems holding on tight at the root. It’s sometimes HARD to get down deep in order to eliminate the subconscious patterns that block the flow of energy for health. Making “giving up” on the task an appealing option.

You see, had I accepted my need for help with my garden…maybe hired someone to come in once or  twice to help me get rid of my pesky problem while showing me the ropes for tending it, I would’ve enjoyed the fruits of my labor rather than avoided the process.

The same holds true for our personal journey of nursing ones own inner garden that can bear the fruits of the spirit. Is there a challenge you keep coming up against?  Maybe you want to learn how to eat healthy, exercise more effectively, meditate, detox, forgive easily or love and accept yourself and others completely. What ever your needs, know that you are not alone. Someone is eagerly waiting your call for guidance. They want to show you just how much JOY can be had when tending the garden.

Letting Go of Pain

Forgiveness is said to be the greatest healer of all.  Especially when it’s difficult.  In the face of our greatest challenges, we have an opportunity to “become” who we really are in relation to it. We can choose any emotion, react to the situation however we see fit. But what if that reaction is harming us? Who wins? The offender does, that’s who. And that’s exactly what happens when we travel down the path of anger, resentment, separation. We end up hurting ourselves in the long run. The Heart Forgiveness process shows us how and why to take a more “response-able” approach to resolve issues rather than react to them.

Forgiveness is letting go of emotional hurt, it does not mean agreeing with the offense. It certainly doesn’t require you have any type of relationship with the offender, and is the most loving act you can do for yourself and others.