Mission of Wellness

Shawna PeltonShawna J Pelton, HHP
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Are you feeling mentally or emotionally drained, physically sick & exhausted, or spiritually unfulfilled? 

Reclaim Your Life From

  • Chronic fatigue & pain
  • Emotional Suffering
  • Anger & Depression
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Skin Conditions
  • Migraines

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Shawna has turned her passion into her life’s work: teaching, nurturing & enlightening others on their healing journey.   Some call it her Dharma, she finds purpose and meaning in life being of service to others.

With a variety of healing modalities under her belt, Shawna creates customized sessions for clients seeking change in their lives. Facilitating healing for people who suffer from chronic health challenges. Whether youre weary of or have exhausted the conventional path of drugs, surgery, tests, and talk therapy.  Let Shawna show you what thousands of others have benefited from. Holistic healing with personalized care in mind, body & spirit.

“Your task is not to seek for LOVE, Health or Happiness but find and remove all barriers that keep you from BEing it”

Ideally, we would BE/Live in wholeness from the womb to the tomb; thinking, talking and walking in optimal health and JOY. We’d experience life as fully PRESENT BEings, and witness the world with a fresh pair of eyes and open heart every day.

During our lifetime, and especially childhood, the mind tends to get “infected” by outside influence & belief systems (aka BS).  Negative energy from people and events can have an impact on our JOY scale. As clouds of confusion settle in, our perception of the world changes. These energy impressions crystallize and we slowly start to identify with projected images stemming from the false information that gets passed along by culture, society and loved ones.

Your main PURPOSE is to simply “BE” in your true nature
Unconditional Love = Unlimited Forgiveness = Absolute Acceptance
For Source, Self, Others, the Universe
CREATES miracles in healing and Self Actualization

When in harmonious alignment with the true nature of our own Divine ONEness, BEing a Sovereign “UNOFFENDABLE” individual is the most powerful way to LIVE fully present & will prevent negative experiences from crystallizing into new energy blocks that distort your life experience and view point of the world.Living awake, aware and on purpose while being response-able for your own life experience is truly LIBERATING. Being free  from the “reaction” process of the ego  allows you to creatively access a higher conscious perspective to ANY life  situation, where you can choose a new response to the craziness of the world around you.

Are you wondering how this relates to your health needs?
It has been said that healing is an experience of Infinity…Allow me the privilege of being a guide on your journey. With over 11 years in service, it is my JOY to facilitate the process of self discovery through healing the mind, body, spirit, and energy.

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